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Private Laboratory Testing and Deep Learning Results Analysis

Early identification and treatment is critical to quality of life. Yet for patients with rare disease, it takes on average 4.8 years and 7.3 doctors to receive diagnosis. Thus, patients and their families may have their individual reasons to seek third-party testing. In this case, we offer traditional testing through Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, as well as more cutting-edge testing through Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory, Atlas Biomed, MycoDART, Bruker, Q2 Solutions, et al.

Personalized Technology and Integrative Wellness Products

Individualized medical devices can be a waste of money for patients and their families -- or they can offer a new lease of life. Working with researchers at NASA, MIT, Harvard and Stanford, we can build 3D-printed neurofeedback-controlled prosthetic limbs and so much more. Using alginate impression-3D modeling-thermoplastic fabrication we also create glueless, wash-and-reuse lashes, biomimetic 100% silk fibroin wigs and nail art  for women with chronic illness.

Biomarkers Optimized Cooking Lessons

Increased disease activity and medication side effects can contribute to a perfect storm of life-limiting symptoms: chronic fatigue, pain, etc. Food has a real impact on health -- it's the energy that fuels the body, excites the mind and feeds the soul! Eating right for your unique body can not only help promote a sense of general wellbeing -- but also improve comfort and health. We provide patient lifestyle-centric, zero-waste cooking lessons from Michelin-starred chefs.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Counseling

Up to five million Californians seek healthcare services outside the mainstream healthcare system. There's no doubt that CAM can play a supportive role in one's wellness protocol -- and little evidence it poses a risk to the general public. But what about the most vulnerable of our patient population, whom we've seen suffer from toxicity from OTC probiotics? When it comes to rare disease management, we extensively audit the safety and efficacy of approved and non-approved treatments alike.

Medical Accompaniment to Health Care Appointments

Navigating the healthcare system isn't easy. It can be downright intimidating. Exhausting. For many, their first experience in a healthcare setting is when suddenly faced with chronic, complex illness. We can organize private car service through Uber, Lyft and Silvercar, put together a physical patient record copies folder to ensure smooth medical appointments and even air travel,  keep doctor's office visits on-track (brain fog and white coat-triggered forgetfulness are real).

Consumer Health Wearables Data Sets Clustering

One in four Americans use wearables at least once a month. From smartwatches to medication reminder/crisis alert accessories, to sleep-tracking pulse oximeters -- there's no shortage of solutions to help us digitize the human body. Yet, without data analytics we risk sinking in an overwhelming pile of ever-growing garbage. I started my bio-data pipeline during my stint at NASA-Ames Singularity U, with the intent to drive intelligent insights and ultimately make health trends actionable.

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If you are being referred to our dry lab from a physician who feels Sophia would be best suited for your needs, please have your physician's office call us directly.

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