We're accelerating the innovation of accessible, non-invasive health products to improve orphan disease care at home and relieve burden from hospitals and doctor's offices. Since 2013, we've launched dozens of digital solutions to help chronic/complex illness patients better manage their symptoms and optimize quality of life:


Match.com for finding a board-certified doctor who fits your personality. A healthy doctor-patient relationship is all but vital to positive patient outcomes. Stop wasting time searching for a speciality doctor or internist, only to move onto another because s/he and you can't communicate well.


Easy binaural beats generator for delta and theta waves. Promote wellbeing and healthy epigenetic expression through the reduction of stress through specific bio-resonant frequencies. Layer tracks with calming music that suits you. Export and share with your friends and family.


Integrate gene analysis, medical history and medicines/treatments to determine which supplements are right for you. Most doctors are trained to administer FDA-/EMA-approved drugs only, although they know some supplements are potentially helpful/harmful.


More than a diary, MyHealthTrends provides short-/long-term analysis and a bigger picture of your overall health. Quantitatively track your health trends -- including diet/symptoms, medications, doctor's office/hospital visits, etc. Knowledge is power to manage your care.


More patients are turning to complementary and alternative health care. VarsityMD is the first patient-driven EHR app that lets patients build and manage teams of care, including MD/DO doctors and CAM practitioners from different clinics so as to support treatment planning personalization.

PatientKey from Singularity Universi

PatientKey is an all-in-one EMR with HIPAA-compliant messaging, health insurance benefits marketplace, wearables data integration and data clustering. It is intended for epilepsy patients, veterans and geriatric patients. We worked closely with Kaiser and the VA to deliver a PoC.


LashXFX is an in-house invention that comprises a reusable glueless extensible modular magnetic external prosthetic eyelashes device. Lashes are a big deal--Maybelline marked the first major cosmetics company and it got its start with a single product: mascara. Eye makeup care is a $6bn market in the US.


ZebraChecker is a tool for doctors who've ruled out all the horses in trying to find out what's wrong with their patient. Think AI-assisted rare disorder diagnosis. Zebra patients on average see 7.3 doctors and spend 4.8 years finding an answer. Together, we can improve the coefficient of failure.


First we had EMR, which were strictly medical. Next we had EHR, which gave a stronger image of a patient's health beyond simple medical history. WholeEHR is modern EHR, with data pipeline solutions to provide a base for data clustering and hypothesis extrapolation.


Daredevyl is inspired by Marvel's Daredevil, Daniel Kish, patient TN and others who demonstrate some form of blindsight/alternative way of seeing. It's a system of detecting obstacles via a portable 3D scanner attached to a headband, micro hearing aids and haptic feedback wristbands.


Remembring calls to mind the Remembrall of Harry Potter's world. Specifically, it is designed to change color to remind the patient to take his/her medication. Various colors/reminders can be set via phone. This eliminates needing to take out one's phone to check the time/noisy alarms.


Set parameters, including kitchen configuration, tools, groceries available, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, time, level of difficulty, taste profile -- the algorithm will generate suggestions for how to prepare your next meal. Healthy eating doesn't have to be out-of-reach for anyone.


Many patients complain of itchiness/hotness when it comes to wearing a wig. We modified cold therapy (cold caps for chemo) and integrate it into a biomimetic 100% silk fibroin wig cap. The cooling module is removable and can be stored in the freezer until needed for use, just as Hot Girls Pearls.


When searching for adjuvant therapies to increase efficacy of efforts to halt disease, it's often confusing to know where to start. Each patient starts from scratch, re-inventing the wheel per se, in the search for care. We bring you Yelp for investigational medicine/groundbreaking treatments clinics.

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