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by Sophia Boettcher, Biostatician, Special Diet Chef, Medical Advocate

About Me

I'm a jack-of-all-trades specializing in biostatistics-informed medical consulting for young people with rare diseases. My self-cultivation as a generalist owes less to indecision and more to originally needing to forge my own road to survival.

At age 19, my health began taking a downward turn. One evening I just got out of the shower and while my hair still lay damp on my back, I noticed a clump missing. Within months, I contracted pneumonia twice, dropped to a skeletal 97 lbs from my baseline 5'6"/127 lbs frame, developed intractable asthma and torturous eczema all over my body. My fingers, ankles and face swelled up like someone punched me over and over; it hurt to open my eyes, to move or even think. I would lie in the hallway or on the bathroom floor when waves of dizzying darkness, accompanied by burnt toast smells and metallic, sometimes vaguely bloody or sweet tastes, hit. My stomach would revolt every time I ate; I found myself subsisting on a thin, slime-like gruel of water and rice -- rock-bottom for this lifelong foodie and once high-performance athlete.

In 2012, I started getting my first glimpses of answers: undifferentiated connective tissue disease with markers of systemic lupus erythematosus, linear scleroderma morphea en coup de sabre, lichen planopilaris, myoclonic epilepsy. I never heard of these terms before -- the last time I seriously considered becoming doctor was on my first grade spelling test.

Over the years, I leveraged my background in bio-data pipeline engineering and Michelin-starred cooking to build my own individualized pathway to healing. With my extra "spoons" today, I continue to pay it forward by helping others just like me navigate the experimental/clinical trial/combinatory therapy care track within the framework of top research institutions, e.g., Stanford, USC Keck School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, MD Andersen Cancer Center, UT Southwestern, et al. My mission is to organize the world's bio-information and make it actionable to the patient-physician team so as to ultimately promote safer, more effective patient outcomes.


Areas of Interest


SNPs disease gene mapping, KD and neuro-oncology applications, IL-1/-3 biomodulation, ethnobotony/DMARD potential of phytopharmacological constituents, kinase/tyrosine kinase/RAF kinase inhibitors, immunoglobulins, monoclonal antibodies, targeted antibiotics, microbiotal dysbiosis, rCDI and C. auris, CTDs with rheumatology-dermatology-immunology biomarkers, stage 4 cancer in patients <= 30, early-onset Alzheimer's



Me (left) and J (right) at O'Connor Hospital, San Jose. Taken spring 2018 on an iPhone 5S. Longterm immunosuppressive anti-inflammatories can make one more susceptible to potentially life-threatening infections where the general population is "immune." In my case, I ate some uni sashimi at a local restaurant a few hours before contracting a strain of norovirus typically begotten by lesser fortunate Caribbean cruise enthusiasts. Everyone else in my family felt fine, including my mother-in-law -- a stage 1 breast cancer patient undergoing DC therapy at the time. To further inconvenience things, getting sick can be associated with flare-ups for many patients with autoimmune diseases! I lost my hair shortly after this pic.

My Thoughts & Clinical Studies


Support Offered

Private Laboratory Testing and Deep Learning Results Analysis

Early identification and treatment is critical to quality of life. Yet for patients with rare disease, it takes on average 4.8 years and 7.3 doctors to receive diagnosis. Thus, patients and their families may have their individual reasons to seek third-party testing. In this case, we offer traditional testing through Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, as well as more cutting-edge testing through Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory, Atlas Biomed, MycoDART, Bruker, Q2 Solutions, et al.

Biomarkers Optimized Cooking Lessons

Increased disease activity and medication side effects can contribute to a perfect storm of life-limiting symptoms: chronic fatigue, pain, etc. Food has a real impact on health -- it's the energy that fuels the body, excites the mind and feeds the soul! Eating right for your unique body can not only help promote a sense of general wellbeing -- but also improve comfort and health. We provide patient lifestyle-centric zero-waste cooking lessons from Michelin-starred chefs.

Medical Accompaniment to Health Care Appointments

Navigating the healthcare system isn't easy. It can be downright intimidating. Exhausting. For many, their first experience in a healthcare setting is when suddenly faced with chronic, complex illness. We can organize private car service through Uber, Lyft and Silvercar, put together a physical patient record copies folder to ensure smooth medical appointments and even air travel,  keep doctor's office visits on-track (brain fog and white coat-triggered forgetfulness are real).



“Sophia is an angel. I don't know what our family would do without her.”

Patient K's Mother